We Need a Reset…

I’ve had this thought lately…

We need a reset…

We must go back to the ancient ways given to us by the ancient of days. 

Hear me out before you shut me out.

His ways are not our ways.

We all see that this world seems ready to implode and we can’t seem to carry the load. 

The weight of the hurt and the pain seems to run through our veins. The hatred and the violence makes love seem silenced. 

So that’s why we must go back, that’s why we need a reset.

It’s one that calls out for love to the point of obedience on the cross to seek and save the lost. 

In him it doesn’t matter where you came from or where you are. The colour of your skin and your past don’t matter to him. 

He’s more concerned about what’s ahead that’s why his tears were red, dripped with blood because hope it lost and we are stuck in the mud. 

As I walk in the shops and drive the streets I can see how their souls are lost and weak. 

The burden I carry for the lost is one birthed from love. I want them to know the hope I have from above. 

From the beginning when Cane killed Able and even at the birth in that stable. There was malice and prejudice in our hearts. It’s why we must go back to the start. 

We must go back to the ancient of days he’s the only one who can reset our ways. 

All fear, all hatred, all bitterness, all rage  can be obliterated when we walk in his ways. 

Your ball and chain, the weight and pain can be liberated in his name. 

Every day all across the world he calls out and asks whom shall I send who will go and speak and proclaim my love to the hurting the broken and the weak?

So I fall to my knees and weep, 

I fall to my knees and weep,

I fall to me knees and weep.

And then I speak. 

Let it be known this life is not my own.

I will go and I will speak of this love that is greater than anything we seek. It’s a love that penetrates so deep. It can divide hearts and souls penetrate even the marrow in bones. 

For like Jeremiah the ancient prophet of old, it is like a fire caught up in my bones. I grow weary of holding it in. This love that is so bold. 

As I rise each day of the week that I may proclaim this love and speak. 

For how will they know unless I tell them, how will they see unless I show them. How will the ever get a chance to know him? 

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