It’s an elusive thing. Tricky little word.  Some freely give it. Others seem to never be graced by it.  I’ve been on a journey for quite sometime trying to understand it.  Trying to trust God more freely.  Completely.  No strings attached.

The hard part about trust is it is a feeling.  Feelings are fleeting.  They change frequently.  One moment it is there the next it is not. I’ve seen God provide in ways I’ve never imagined.  It’s funny though as I watch incredible things unfold before me I find myself trying to take control again and again not trusting Him.  Whether it be His timing, His provision, or His ways, I find myself thinking about my timing, how will I provide, or what is the way I should do things.  Let’s face it.  Trust is elusive.  We can have it one moment and it’s gone the next.  I wonder if it is because we keep thinking about the next thing on the list to check off.  What if our list isn’t His list?
In a desert a long time ago a group of people had the same problem.  They watched God provide everyday exactly what they needed.  He was trying to teach them to trust him daily yet they tried to store things up and they began to complain.  Even I sit here and write this I keep thinking about all the things I need to do and check off my list.  I find it ironic that I can’t get on the internet at a Starbucks.  It just won’t work.  The login screen keeps saying bad syntax error.  So I’ll post this whenever it starts working.  For now, I feel as though I’m being forced to let go of my list.  As I sit here new things come to mind.  I let you finish them if you know them.  If not look them up.  It’s Good stuff.
Seek first His Kingdom…
Come to me all who are weary…
Apart from me you can do nothing…
Be still and know…
I must remind myself to TRUST
Refuge in His unfailing love
Understanding His
Sovereignty for