High Capacity or High Faith

God doesn’t want great leaders, he desires faithful servants who are his children that He can mold and shape.

We often look for high capacity people though. The problem with that is we could tend to overlook the key elements for what it takes to make disciples. Faith and trust. Take a look at the interaction between Jesus and the rich young rule. The epitome of high capacity. Rich. Young. Ruler. Already proven himself early in life. Definitely high capacity. Yet, Jesus tested his heart, his level of faith and his commitment to what it takes to make disciples. Sell it all, give it to the poor, then come follow me. His struggle was with provision and trust. Did he really have the faith to trust in God to provide?  Sadly his faith was in his material world and in his ability to provide for himself. Money wasn’t the issue trust was. Money was the symptom. For some people it is not money, it’s control. For others it is security. All symptoms of the real problem. Faith and trust.

I believe God is looking for high faith people. Those are the ones he makes into high capacity leaders. They don’t have it all figured out. They are definitely not perfect and they are usually the ones we wouldn’t pick. You might have heard the phrase. He doesn’t call the equip he equips the called. High faith leaders + God’s capacity = High capacity leaders. They are people who can hang in for the long haul because their faith and trust is in God and not in their own capacity.
If we continue to look for high capacity people instead of high faith people we will find ourselves frustrated and stuck because we are putting so much time in energy into training high capacity people to have faith to trust in God and stick it out for the long haul. Instead of we look for high faith people we will often see their capacity grow as God moves in their lives and he expands their capacity. As we are looking for high faith people we realise it always easier to teach skill than heart. Most of us would say we would choose heart over skill anyway. Heart is faith. Skill is capacity.
When I think about high faith people this is what I always see…
They are humble people. And we must remember God exalts those who are humble and humbles those who exalt themselves.
They are trustworthy people. They have learned to trust in God and not themselves so they know how to trust others and earn the trust of others.
They are peaceful people. They have learned the value of mending relationships. Their faith in God runs so deep because they have been mended by God.
They are patient people. They know the difference between doing work with God and doing work for God. They work in God’s time and don’t rush ahead.
They are loving people. They have learned to love deeply and forgive easily because they are loved deeply and forgiven often.
I don’t know about you but I’m going to go back to what I’ve known all these years. Choosing heart over skill. Choosing faith over capacity. After all you can teach skill but you can’t teach heart. God is in control of the heart. Man looks on the outside but God sees the heart.